Each cutting board/chop block is individually hand crafted and unique.  No mass production! 

We only use the hardwoods such as cherry, walnut and hard maple.   Occasionally, if available, we try to incorporate exotic hardwoods into our boards.  Every board is one of a kind. 

The difference between end grain and edge grain?

All our chop blocks are end grain.  With end grain, the wood fibers open up to accept the knife edge and close back when the edge is off the board — which makes them self-healing. The main advantages of an end grain cutting board is the durability, ability to hide knife marks, and it will not dull your knives as quickly as synthetic cutting boards.  Great for heavy duty chopping.

Our cutting boards are edge grain.  Face grain cutting boards are made by gluing the edges of narrow boards of wood together which provides an excellent surface for cutting and chopping while showing the beauty of the wood.

We do not put feet on our boards – one side can be used for cutting/chopping, the other side for serving or left out to display the beauty of your board.

With proper care (each board comes with care instructions) our boards will last a lifetime. 

Perfect for both the serious chef or occasional cook!